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Current Teams

9U FCA/Hitters Park Cardinals
Head Coach: Matt Schreiber

9U FCA/Hitters Park Cardinals
Head Coach: Stu Scott

10U FCA/Hitters Park Cardinals
Head Coach: Shawn Minard

11U FCA/Hitters Park Cardinals
Head Coach: Ben Cox

11U FCA/Hitters Park Cardinals
Head Coach: Jeremy Wheeler

12U FCA/Hitters Park Cubs
Head Coach: Monty Murdock

Bucket Talks

What is a 'Bucket Talk'? It is a one page document that helps equip you…the coach…to have a brief conversation each week with your athletes during practice about life. Bucket Talks are a tool for you to use to develop CHARACTER in YOUR PLAYERS. It's an opportunity for you to use your influence to help shape and mold the lives of the young men you have been entrusted with over the course of the season.

Team Bible Studies

The importance and purpose behind having a team Bible Study is to get everyone on the same page and to create team unity. As coaches, it is critical for all members of our team to understand the team’s vision, what each players defined role is and be passionately sold-out to accomplish the team goals, rather than their own personal goals.

In the Christian life, God wants all the members of His team to be on “the same page”. When we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we become members of team Jesus. The members of the team are involved in a lifelong process of discipline and team building and Bible study is a key discipline in our growth process.

So, what is the difference between a Bible Study and a Bucket Talk?
Bucket Talks are short, topical thoughts usually built around a single Bible verse or chapter. Many coaches use these after practice as quick reminders to help keep their teams focused on God. These are beneficial if you need a short Christian topic to present to your team.

However, Bible Studies are more detailed than Bucket Talks and may focus on a single book of the Bible or be topical in nature.